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Tobias Trame

Senior Research Consultant

Tobias Trame, Senior Research Consultant, is part of eye square’s Brand and Media Experience unit. He has a Master of Science in Psychology with focus on Consumer and Media Research.


His team assists clients from online, marketing, media and retail sectors in the implementation of global creation, branding and advertisement impact studies.


Deutsche Telekom


Hubert Burda Medien


SevenOne Media

Expert in quantitative methods and psychophysiological measurement methods


Conducted the study “ATLAS” for Ströer Media Deutschland, where the impact of street ads was analysed with the help of a driving simulator. The study, with more than a thousand participants involved, was nominated for the Preis der Deutschen Marktforschung


Regularly takes part in conferences dealing with implicit brand research and digital marketing (dmexco)



Tobias Trame

Telephone +49 30 698144-48

Fax +49 30 698144-10